First summerish day of the year

Today we took a bike ride on the new Cary trail from my mom’s house all the way to fox trails. Then we grilled burgers and sat outside the rest of the afternoon. There is nothing like the first warm day of the year. Cohen got his pants all went playing in papa’s pond and he had to wear a pair of sophie’s;  Chris said he looked like a European male. Sophie started to pick up her feet today as we hold her hands when she walks. When she sits she bounces really high but she still isn’t crawling yet. Cohen has started saying “oh gosh” when we do something silly and I wondered where he learned the saying from until I realized that any time he does something crazy, (like today in the basement when a ate a piece of styrofoam because he thought it was a puff) I classically respond the same way.  “Oh Gosh!  Don’t eat the (insert the random inedible or week-old crumb)”

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