A Chat on the Couch

Yesterday Cohen and I were winding down for the day on the couch.  He sat with his head laying on the arm rest and his large, blue sippy-cup with orange juice dangling out of his mouth.  Jacob was snapping his fingers to a tune in his head, and I noticed Cohen had begun to attempt to snap as well.  His fingers were failing him, and I said something along the lines of “Cohen, can you snap?” and he responded “quietly.”  My 2 year old can use adverbs more appropriately than many students I know!

A bit later, Cohen was recalling how we had walked to a lemonade stand the neighborhood kids were having up the street.  He began his story, “L(y)ast weekend, walk to get l(y)emonade at da stand.  Walk on da…. da…. what’s that thing called again? (bouncing up to stand out the couch and look out our large picture window to the front yard)  Sidewalk! Oh yeah, walk on da sidewalk!”

Perhaps he’ll be a visual learner!

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