Favorite Books

We have been going to the library a lot more with Cohen.  His favorite books last week were “What James Likes Best” and “A Glorious Day”.  The former captures 4 short stories in the day of a life of a toddler (a trip to grandma’s, a visit to his friend Angela, etc.)  Cohen’s favorite part is when James gets to eat “an ice cream, a cookie, and a doughnut hole” all at once.  Cohen is convinced that the doughnut hole inevitably must be James’ favorite part of his day.  “A Glorious Day” captures a day in the life of a toddler names Henry.  One of Cohen’s favorite lines is “Kids run and fall down and get up and run and fall down again.  It is a glorious afternoon.”  He doesn’t let me finish “Going on  bear Hunt” because he gets too scared when the bear comes out of his cave.

Yesterday we went and got some new books.  We’ll see what Cohen winds up liking this week.

Sophie is still the most easy-going baby ever.  She likes to chew on her pink crock while I sit and read books with Cohen.  So far the only books she likes are “Baby Giggles” “Peek-a-boo” and “Tails”.

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