Bye Bye Bill

As I was wrestling Cohen into his pajamas after an eventful Easter, Jacob made a solemn discovery.   Cohen’s 4 month old fish, Bill, had been discovered floating upside down in his bowl.  Jacob and I quickly exchanged a few quiet “what do we do now” gestures and then decided we ought to tell Cohen.  We proceeded to have a fishy funeral in our bathroom.  We explained that Bill wasn’t living in the bowl anymore, and he was in heaven instead.  After fishies go to heaven, we told Cohen, they get to go swimming in the potty.

Well, Cohen had had a very busy Easter, complete with an “on your mark, get set, go” Easter Egg hunt against the big kids and his first cut lip from a giant trampoline.  Needless to say, at 7pm he was about to have a breakdowwn from sheer exhaustion, let alone from the death of his fish.  He quickly began to sob and say over and over again: “No Bill in the toilet.  No put Bill in the toilet!”  We eventually calmed him down and successfully distracted him with his new Easter toys.  He was laughing again before he fell asleep.  Cohen is distraught when life requires sadness, and he is joyful nearly all other times.  (And of course there’s a tempter tantrum or two thrown in there as well.)  He is ultimately passionate little kid.

And a memory from a few hours ago…..  Jacob was putting Cohen to bed as I was getting ready to go to choir.  Cohen was nestled under his covers as he lay listening to me stomp around the house putting my shoes and coat on.  “Hey, hear something,” he told Jacob.  He looked at his dad intently.  “That’s mama,” he said confidently.  And then shaking his head– “Not  a bear.”

Apparently, I could use some help getting the stomp out of my step :0)

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