You okay mama

So yesterday I had a killer head ache all day.  The kind that blurs your vision and makes it impossible to concentrate on anything.  I had alread taken my dose of Ibuprofin, but it hadn’t done any good.  I came home grumpy and whined out my woes, and Jacob and Cohen said a little prayer for my head ache to go away… and it did!

But that’s not the best part of the story.

I had grad class that night, and when I got home, Cohen ran to greet me in the kitchen (like he always does.)  Except this time he hugged my leg extra long and gave me a kiss and said, “you okay mama.”  Seriously- I think that moment may have been the best mom-moment I’ve ever had. 

Later on that night when we were reading books, I thanked Cohen for helping make my head ache go away.  He asked innocently, “Where head ache go?”  I responded, “It just went away.”  “Up there?” he pointed to a corner of the room.  I shook my head.  “Up there?” he pointed to the opposite corner.  “No,” I said, “You can’t really see where the head ache went.”  Cohen’s response without any prompting: “Jesus take it away.” 

Seriously, could life get any better?

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