She Crawls!

Well, two days shy of 9 months, Sophie did it!  She crawled!

We were in our bedroom doing our nightly routine of jumping on the bed after bath time (well, Cohen jumps and Sophie tolerates being bounced all over the bed) when we noticed Sophie was making her way toward the edge!  We moved her down to the ground and within moments she was scooting forward.  She went about five feet last night, and today she made her rounds around the living room.

At 9 months, Sophie has three tricks up her sleeve (besides crawling.)  She has consistently done “big belly” for a couple months now (Us: “Sophie, do big belly” Sophie: thrusts out her belly and tucks her chin into her neck and waits to be tickled.)  She also can wave hi (well, thrust her arm straight in the air whenever someone new walks into a room, or whenever she is in front of a mirror. ) Finally, she has started kissing the babies in her “Baby Giggles” book when instructed to do so.

Off to more cleaning…. we’ve got another baby on the move now!

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