Two Heads & A Traffic Jam

Friday evening we decided to go out to our favorite Chinese restaurant with the kids.  As we were leaving to get in the car, Cohen stopped Jacob just short of the door.  “No go out there.  It’s raining.  My two heads get wet.”  A befuddled Jacob probed further.  “Your two heads?  What do you mean?”  “My two heads!” Cohen said with confidence, pointing toward his head.  Jacob responded  with a quizzical look.  Cohen paused and stared in concentration.  “My forehead get wet.” The mystery was solved.

After leaving the restaurant later that night, we got caught in the horrible traffic on Rt. 62 in Algonquin.  As we inched our way across the bridge and over the river, Cohen offered a unique, positive perspective.  “Hey!” he exclaimed from the backseat, “A parade!”  His perception didn’t make the snails’ pace we were moving at seem all that bad.

Today was the first Mother’s Day I actually heard the words, “Happy Mothers Day” out of Cohen’s mouth.  He spoke this phrase with joy throughout the day.  In the evening, we were having dinner with my parents, sister, Aunt, and grandma when Cohen suddenly somehow bit his lip on his glass of water.  Even though many people were willing to jump up and take care of him, he demanded my embrace.  Later, Sophie was getting fussy and was passed from my sister, and then to Jacob, and finally calmed down once she, too, had found my arms.    The best gift I got today was actually the comfort I was able to give away.

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