Every day I am amazed at Cohen’s imagination.  Here are snapshots of the pretend games he plays.

“Library”: The earliest version of this game included actual library books, a small wooden block (the library card) and the remote (or computer).  Cohen would collect my library “card” and scan it on the “computer”.  We would have to return our books to the “book return” (the cubby underneath the tv.)  When we ask him how much we owe in fines, his typical response is “3”.   My favorite part of this game is how serious and hunched over he gets when he is typing on his computer.

“Ice cream Shop”: With Sophie crawling, we now use the gate again in order to block her entrance into the kitchen.  Cohen goes on the other side of the gate and we order “ice cream” from him from our spot in the living room.  He runs to the back of the kitchen and brings us “ice cream cake” (even when we sometimes ask for other things.)

“Pizza Store”:  For some reason whenever he plays with the steering wheel at the park across the street, he announces he is driving to the “pizza store”.

His classic favorite is anything with his vehicles.  When he has his trucks in front of him, he can become anything from a garbage man, to a delivery guy, to a tow truck driver.  He knows his cars to.  Yesterday we were walking out of the library and he said (word-for-word) “Hey!  That’s a open four-seat convertible!” (this is what the cats drive in Richard’s Scarry’s story “Cars & Trucks– I guess it’s good to know he’s paying attention!)

Playing pretend was one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) parts of childhood.  I hope it continues to be one of Cohen’s.

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