I got a question for you

1) a couple of days ago Cohen got his hair cut. I asked him about it at dinner and he said, “yea, my hair’s lower.”

2) the other night we went to Cary cruise night to look at cars and then later out for ice cream with my parents. While we were all sitting around a table eating our cones, Cohen was up talking to people. He walked up to a boy and said, “hi” (as he does to most everyone when he is with us). The boy replied, “hi, I’m Conrad. I’m 5.” Cohen said, “I’m Cohen–” and then nodding to our table, “those are my friends.” apparently he likes to hang out with an older crowd!

3) we tucked Cohen into bed about a half an hour ago. Just now, he called me into his room, yelling “mama! I got question for you!” so I walk in his room (he’s never done this before) “what’s your question,” I ask. ” what’s that green boy?” he asked. “Peter pan” I told him. “oh yeah.” he said. So I laid down and we pretended to talk funny like captain hook for a while.

Summer highlights so far: watching the horse races at Arlington, going to the zoo, finally seeing cohens floor after cleaning his room, teaching Sophie to dance to “sweet home alabama” at dinner, and Cohen playing more with his friend Alex from down the street.

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