summer snapshots

Here are just a few quick summer updates:

Yesterday we went to the Childrens Museum at Navy Pier.  Both Cohen and Sophie fell asleep on the way downtown, and they both didn’t wake up until we were driving through the streets of the loop.  Jacob said, “Cohen, look up” (because he has a sunroof over the back seat.)  “See all those buildings?”  Cohen’s eyes filled with wonder and he let out a long, “wow.”  Curving around the tight corners of the parking garage was as nearly intriguing as the sky scrapers.  We made it to the museum where Cohen claimed his favorite thing was the “fire truck”– but I must say my favorite was watching him dig for dinosaur bones in a little archeologist vest with Jacob.

After the museum we walked down the pier to have our lunch of sandwiches, pretzals, and cookies (oh, and you can’t forget the buttered noodles for Cohen) and watch the boats come in and out of the harbor.  Cohen found this experience to be a unique opportunity to practice all the pirate lingo he has been learning from Peter Pan lately.  Without prompting, the sight of a sail boat would cause a loud “Aye, aye matey’s!” and the sight of a large yacht might elicit an, “All hands on deck!  It’s as good as new captain!”  Jacob’s favorite was “Battin down the sails!”

After lunch we took a walk along the river to Millennium Park.  Cohen only got half-soaked running through the large fountains, and he enjoyed waving to himself at the giant bean, (As well as saying “hi bean” to it quite a few times.)

Today went to the pool and Cohen became interested in watching a group of older boys go off the high dive.  Cohen said, “I want to do that,”  Jacob replied, “Not until you’re a big boy.  Like, 3rd or 4th grade.”  Cohen reiterated that he was a big boy and Jacob responded by asking Cohen if he wanted to dunk his head in the water.  After all, you have to learn how to dunk your head in the water if you eventually want to go off the high dive.  Cohen agreed, and as his head sprang back out of the water, even before he had opened his eyes, he yelped: “I’m bigger!”

PS: Even though she is the quieter half of the sibling duo, Sophie is growing, changing, and being cute as well.  She tried her first “walking push” toy today.  She has her first two words down: mama and baba.  She also will eat anything you put in front of her…. today’s special: baked beans.  And her cuteness was pretty unparalleled in her green polkadot bathing suit today at the pool.

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