Most family has heard this story already– but I want to document it for later.

Jacob was eating carrots and hummus with Cohen at the table.

Cohen: You’re eating carrots and mustard!

Jacob: No, I’m eating carrots and hummus

Cohen: No, carrots and mustard!

Jacob: Actually, it’s carrots and hummus

(repeat a few more times)

(chunk of time elapses)

Cohen: You eating carrots and… and… (quizzical look)  What’s that word?

Jacob: Hummus

Cohen: Oh (head down) I said the wrong thing.


After a pool party to celebrate the 4th, the kids crashed for about the first hour of the trip home from the Quad Cities.  I was nervous about how the were going to handle the remaining 2 hours of the trip after they woke up around Dixon.  However, they both impressed me with their ability to play along with my road trip games.  Sophie kept making Cohen laugh by simply being Sophie: trying to drink out of a water bottle and spilling it, getting her teething biscuit all over her face, and smiling while her hair blew crazily in the wind.  We also had a contest trying to look for silos.  I told Cohen that the first person to spot a silo was the person who “won”.  He legitimately spotted quite a few on his own, but even when Jacob or I would shout out “silo!” Cohen would inevitably shout back, “I won!”  He likes to be a winner.

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