A Beautiful Sunday

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, but I just finished singing Cohen the “busy day” song to put him to bed (a tune that captures all of the day’s events) and I realized it was a special day nonetheless.

The morning was typical; I woke up to Cohen saying “hi mama!” and Jacob sleeping with Sophie out on the couch because she had woken up an hour earlier.  Cohen watched his cartoons and ate his cereal bar while I got dressed for church.  Later in the morning, when I was drying my hair, I hear Jacob shout from Sophie’s room: “Uh oh! We got a poop on the floor!”  We have been letting Sophie roam diaperless for a little bit each day because of a rash on her bottom– so I wasn’t all that surprised by this (Though this was her first official poop on the floor— not counting the poop she had in the tub  the other week– a turd Cohen quizzically dubbed a “mum mum”)

After chasing kids down to put on shorts, diapers, and dresses, we made our way out into a beautiful morning drive to church. After the service, we let Sophie toddle around a bit as we made our way through the lobby (yes, she has started walking, and yes, this makes her even more adorable– I’m allowed to vocalize that pride, right?)  We had lunch at an outside table at Jimmy Johns where Sophie devoured a loaf of bread and Cohen repeatedly announced, ”I’m gonna watch the cars mama!” (the restaurant is along Rt. 14).

We made our way to the Cary Farmers Market where Cohen requested to see the “Cheese Lady” and Sophie got to taste her fair share of fresh rasberries, blueberries, peaches, and homemade granola (which I caved in and bought.)  Both kids were ready for a nap when we returned home, but only Cohen gave in to sleep while Sophie played with her new box set of princess books (not quite interested in reading those yet, but she holds each little one up to me and offers them up with an insanely cute dopey grin.)

After a quick trip to grandma’s to pick up 5 gajillion tubs of my high school memorabilia (my mom was cleaning out the storage room), Sophie fell asleep as well.  Jacob went for a run and I started a new book before Cohen woke up and immediatley requested a “giant peach” (something we had promised him right before his nap.)  After Sophie awoke we headed to the park and I was pleased to meet a group of cute, friendly 8th grade boys who weren’t swearing (So nice!) and told us about the “sports fest” that was happening just a few blocks away.  We walked to the event with live music and lots of young families (it just had that neighborhoody feel- you know what I mean)

When we got home Jacob began cooking dinner while I played in the basement with the kids.  Cohen built giant moving trucks out of legos, Sophie “hugged” and “brushed the hair” of my old American Girl doll on command (from the aforementioned ginormous box of memorabilia), and they both repeatedly fought over who would stuff in the giant crawling-tunnel first.  It was a successul play time.

We did the routine of dinner, bath, and books– with a little extra naked time tonight to air out the rash.  We finally took down the pink balloons from Sophie’s birthday, and the princess hauled her little naked butt at mock-10 chasing them. 

When I started writing this blog, both kids were in bed.  They have since both come back out on the couch to watch football with us and fall asleep out here.  It’s okay.  The day can last a little longer :0)

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