An Autumn Update

Sophie is a talker!  Yesterday we picked her up from promiseland and the lady said, “she’s so cute!  She talked so much!!” and it’s true!  I just heard Jacob ask her from Cohen’s room, “What’s this?” and she replied without hesitation with a loud, confident, “DAH-YEE” (aka, Dolly).  She also says mama, dada, baba, bye bye, uh oh, dada (all done), ba (ball, block, box, essentially anything that starts with “b”) and she barks whenever she sees any type of animal with four legs.  

I also currently hear Jacob reviewing the names of planes and types of cars with Cohen:  Jacob: “And this one?” Cohen: an F:16 falcon Jacob: and this one? Cohen: a Ford edge.  And this one: a dodge durango and this one: an f:15 eagle, and this one….. and about 10 more I can’t remember.  Seriously! That kid has the best memory.  Today he said he wanted to go to the park to play with “lucy and logan” — two kids we met two weeks ago and haven’t spoken about since!

Preschool is going pretty well.  We had a potty issue for a little bit… Cohen’s the shortest one in his class and he was afraid to go on the big potty all by himself.  After a couple of accidents in a row, I was ready for some serious bribery— and it WORKED.  Cohen went potty all by himself at school and he got to pick out a brand new “on the go” thomas train set.  I know it is silly, but I was so proud of him not only being able to potty like a  big boy, but more proud of how proud he was of himself. 

We have also learned about new friends he is making in school.  We heard about Addison (the teachers even wanted to know if Cohen knew her already; they told me he kept introducing himself to her).  We’ve also heard about Patrick (the “boy who not sit down”) and we’ve even heard about Dillon (“I play with the truck, he play with the car”– we later checked the class list and there was no Dillon to be found.)

Since I updated last, we have made sure to hit up all of the necessary fall activites.  Apple picking (Cohen and Sophie must have eaten about one bite each out of 8 different apples… we left a trail of cores around the orchard) and a trip to the pumpkin patch (They were both mesmerized by the ponies.)  We’ve been to Randall Oaks petting zoo (sophie liked the deer) and to Cary Park District’s Fall Festival (where Cohen taught a new friend how to play restaurant).  The best days are the normal days though— afternoons like today when we took a short walk as sun-tinted, golden leaves fell in a continuous stream down to the street.  “Isn’t fall beautiful?” I asked Cohen. “yeah” he agreed. 

I’ll leave you with a few posts Jacob/Anne have put on facebook but are worth repeating.

Cohen: “Can I bring toys to a funeral?” Papa: “No, no toys at a funeral. Cohen: “Ok, I’ll bring a maraca then.”

And a few days later

Cohen: “Hey the sun moved!” Jacob: “No, we moved, and it looks like the sun moved.  They sun stays and we move around it.” Cohen: “He glued it?”


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