Stuff I want to remember

I want to remember…

Cohen dancing to “soul man” from the blues brothers.  His go-to move is a side-kick-fall to the the floor.  He also repeats all the lyrics… “we’ll make it better, each and every day, so don’t you fret…”  There’s something about that whole CD that makes him want to get up and dance

Sophie discovering her voice.  She is a babbler… and a loud, forceful babbler at that.  If we don’t notice her trying to get our attention, she’ll repeat the 8 or so syllables she knows over and over again, increasing volume each time. da. Da. DA. DAAAA

Cohen went down the big tunnel slide at the park for the first time all by himself today.

Sophie wanted to read the same book (farm animal peek-a-boo) at least 12 times in a row today.  Eventually, she was essentially reading it to herself Sophie style (barking when we got to the dog page, snorting when we got to the pig page, and calling all of the other animals “maah” or Max, my parents’ new dog.)

There is beauty and sacredness in the ordinary….. which I guess makes the ordinary atually extraordinary.

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