Holiday Updates

Last week we watched White Christmas.  We were all getting over colds, and it was the perfect Christmas activity after a lazy weekend.  Some of my favorite comments from Cohen while watching the film

“I hope they don’t fall in the water” (during the scene when Danny Kay and his girl are dancing next to the lake)

“”They girls or guys?” (When Bing and Danny dress up as the Haynes sisters)

and my personal favorite “They wearing underwear!” (after watching the the girls rehearsing for the big show in their 1940s rehearsal shorts.)

You can also tell it’s the Christmas season because Cohen says we are “decorating the bed” when we are making the bed.

Sophie’s new words include: “dock” (for clock), hat, hot, mine, juice, cheese, choo choo, mou (for mouse) and dow (for dog) and many more.  Her favorite word to say is “NO” though.  She probably says that 100 times a day.

Today we tied dinosaurs and giraffes together with string and hooked them to a toy car.  It was all Cohen’s idea.  He announced we needed a “tag” to tie them together and we eventually found out that meant one of dada’s “ties”.  When the “tag” didn’t work he said we needed a “frap” (strap.) 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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