Christmas memories

-Cohen beginning to recognize and learn christmas music.  His favorites to sing were hark the herald angels sings and jingle bells.  as the weeks progressed, we went from only repeating “fa, the angels sing” over and over again to getting all the way  through “god and sinners reconciled.”  I also loved to hear him recognize songs on the radio, “hey!” he would say with surprise, ‘that’s frosty!”

-Sophie recognizing santa everywhere and saying “tanta! tanta!”

-Driving around to look at Christmas lights together as a family.  Cohen would sing the aforementioned songs and sophie would go, “ooooo! tanta! tanta!”

-jacob and I shopping at toys are us with our coffee and hot chocolate, playing santa.

-reading sophie and cohen christmas books like little drummer boy and the polar express.

-waking up early on Christmas eve morning with Cohen and being so excited that we both danced are way into the tv stand and cohen cried for a couple minutes but it didn’t matter because christmas was about to begin!

-watching sophie play under a table while all the adults talked to each other at the christmas eve party at uncle joe’s house

-watching cohen and sophie play and open presents in the middle of a big circle of family in their christmas pajamas

-opening presents christmas morning, cohen saying “I love this! I called santa for this! wow!”

-eating breakfast with my family christmas morning and watching sophie do her stink eye and say all her new words, namely “cheese” and “i love you”

-staying late at the christmas party at my parents and watching cohen play like a wild man even after he had changed into his pjs.

-seeing college friends and high school friends over break, playing games, and not caring if our kids trashed the house.


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