Time Keeps Moving

January and February are those months filled with the shortest days that often seem very long.  I am so thankful there is a medium– writing– that I can use to reflect: reflection doesn’t slow time down, but it increases gratitude.

So here are snapshots of January 2012 in the VandeMoortel household.

I pick up the kids from school and tell them they don’t even need their coats because of this unseasonably warm weather we are having. (51 degrees yesterday.)  Cohen changes into his new gray fleece from Uncle Chris and Sophie puts on her blue Augustana hoodie and we head directly to the park after school.  Sophie immediatley yells, “Ning! Ning” and points to the swing (but refuses to walk over the mulch in her boots, she prefers to be carried.)  When Cohen sees Sophie head for the swing, he immediatley requests the seat next to her, and soon I have two happy kids.

“Maybe I touch the trees!” Cohen says.  Sophie just giggles. Cohen requests multiple “underdogs” and we watch DaDa take down the Christmas lights in his work clothes.

After the lights are down, Jacob comes back over and we run up and down the hill a couple of times as a family.  Sophie bounces as I carry her, and my heart almost skips a beat as I watch Cohen clumsily make his way over a rock.  More kids have arrived at the park and Cohen immediatley runs to play with them.  First, he tells them not to play in the sandbox because “animals poopy in there”, but then we tell him it’s okay.  The other dad at the park begins reaming his twin boys out, yelling at them not to be playing in their socks over and over again.  Jacob wants to make a statement: he dives into the sandbox with Cohen in his work clothes.

We make our way home I “read” books with Sophie (set her in my lap as she flips through page after page after page on her own.)  We eat dinner (Sophie refuses the tofu and rice; this is surprising considering she willingly accepted the spinach and baby bac choi-sp? we had yesterday.  They both toddle off to the tub for bath.  The bathmat is downstairs in the laundry machine because it was pooped on two nights ago, but Sophie doesn’t mind.  She likes the new slippery feeling of the tub and proceeds to do multiple barrel rolls on the slick surface.  I clean the kitchen.  Our new “Civil Wars” album is playing on the stereo.

We wrestle kids into pajamas after putting lotion on butts, cheeks, and legs.  We read several new stories.   We sing busy day and say prayers.

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