Role reversal

Last weekend, Jacob and I were battling the flu.  We were completely down and out, too lazy to get up to get ourselves food, let alone play with the kids.  However, since we were incapacitated, we discovered that we’ve been doing a lot of things for them that they can actually do themselves!  For instance, usually we have energy to explain “sophie talk” to Cohen and “Cohen talk” to Sophie.  But since we were either sleeping or absentmindedly staring into space all day, they began to talk more to each other.  I also discovered Cohen can go to the bathroom completely by himself (no more help pulling his pants up and down), and that they both are pretty much capable of entertaining themselves for hours on end.  Seriously, Sophie pretty much took care of herself that weekend, and Cohen not only helped take care of himself, but he took care of us as well. “You want some jello, mama?  I get you a cozy blanket mama?”

Also- I want to jot down how Sophie does her “surprise face” when we get to the “shocked eyes” in Goodnight Gorilla.  Her little mouth opens into a tight, tiny smile and she does a little gasp.  Whenever she sees a character in a book with a surprise face, she does this.

Cohen’s new favorite show is “blues clues” and Sophie loves playing with all of my scarves and saying “nee-nah” whenever she is driving a toy vehicle.


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