Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Sophie has two favorite videos on YouTube.  Her first request is usually “owl”– which is a version of twinkle twinkle little star in which an owl flies up to the sky and dances around with a star.  She began to watch it a few months ago.  When she initially began watching it, we encouraged her to wave “bye bye” to the star when the owl would fly away.  “Bye bye” evolved into a general, calm flapping of the arms which can best be described as Sophie’s attempt to fly just like the owl in the video.  Whenever I sing the song to her, she starts to wave her arms like she is flying.  Her other favorite video is a version of the ABC’s sung by Elmo and India Arie.  So, whenever we have the Ipad out, she requests either “elmo” or “owl”.

Now, for the past few weeks, she has been requesting that we sing those songs to her as well.  “Elmo!” she’ll say, and I’ll start singing ABCs, usually by the time I get to “G”, she interrupts and says “Owl” and I stop and switch to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

So, after several weeks exposure to both of these songs (which, remember, have the same tune) she did something SO COOL tonight in the car on our way back from Olive Garden celebrating my dad’s birthday.  She began to sing the “up above the world so high” melody to herself.  Think of the melody in your head, but substitute the words for, “me me me me me me eye….. me me me me me me eye” and her voice was beautiful and on key!  I think she is going to have a good voice!!!  She choked me up with how good she was.

On another note, Cohen has begun talking like a 90 year old man by substituting the word “awful” for “very.”  After he had used baby scissors and toe nail clippers to open an old bag of caramels this morning, he excitedly told me “They’re my favorite!”  “But you’ve never had them, how do you know they’re your favorite?” I asked.  “They’re awful good,” he said nodding his head knowIngly

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