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So, many of you have heard this first story, but I still need to document it for my own sake.

Last week Sophie went to a new room for promiseland for the first time (now with the 18-24 month olds instead of the 12-18 month olds.)  In the younger room, she essentially just played with toys the whole time, but in this newer, more advanced “older” room she gets to sing songs and learn a lesson.  When Jacob and I picked her up, Sophie clutched a slightly crumpled picture that revealed her first-ever official sunday school lesson: atop a ferociously colored chubby baby (sophie chose a lovely shade of purple) the lesson read: JESUS LOVES ME WHEN I’M EATING.

I think Sophie has remembered her lesson throughout the week, including today at lunch.  Jacob had sliced up bits of ham, apple, cheese, and melon for her.  She quickly scarfed the meat, pointed to the empty spot on her plate,  and said “Hams.  More Hams.”  (Note: this was the first time she had ever said this word.)

Cohen has also received his first “readiness skills checklist” for preschool.  We are so proud of him!  Here is what the teachers wrote at the end of the checklist. “Cohen is a happy and confident young boy who enjoys playing in all different areas of the classroom.  Cohen is enthusiastic and playful in all activities he participates in.  Our goal for Cohen is to communicate his needs to other children in a soft-spoken voice.  Cohen excels during circle time.  He loves to sing and dance and enjoys our good-bye song.  We enjoy Cohen’s smile and his charming personality.  He is a pleasure to have in class!”

Of course, we have been noticing all the times Cohen has been yelling a lot lately, and we have been working on encouraging an “inside voice.”  But I’ll take enthusiasm and a smile over soft-spokeness any day.  Other parts of his checklist revealed he excels in showing interest in books and music, can recognize his colors and shapes, etc.  The two things he needs to work on are “sharing with others” and “participating in clean-up”   Sophie could have told the teachers the first one, and I could have told them the second!

I’ll leave you with a conversation between Sophie and Jacob.

Jacob: Sophie, say “I”

Sophie: I

Jacob: Say “Love”

Sophie: “Wuv”

Jacob: You

Sophie: Me!

She knows her pronouns!

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1 Response to funny stuff and smart stuff

  1. anne vandemoortel says:

    Enthusiastic! a comment on every one of Jacob’s report cards, until they got to the point where no comments were made.
    soft-spoken!!! laughed really hard at the translation : )
    I like your line about Sophie and you knowing what he needs to work on.
    awwww……Jesus must be sooo happy with Sophie ; )
    crazy that she knows pronouns. to say me in place of you, I am more than grandmotherly impressed.
    thank you thank you for writing these down and sharing ……makes me ecstatic.


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