february 2012

I have been putting off posting because I wasn’t quite sure if any of february’s mundane details were blog-worthy.  But then as I sang “I’ve been workin on the railroad” for the 10th time this weekend, staring at the pages of the board-book through the natural frame of Cohen and Sophie’s heads, I thought to myself, “I want to remember this moment”.  As my Sunday afternoon progressed, I realized I actually have a lot of moments from this month I want to remember, because while they may seem mundane to me now, I know they will be rare and unique in the future.

Cohen wore swim trunks and a sea-turtle tank top over his clothes today to promiseland because it was beach day.  He was also excited to wear his sunglasses, but we forgot those at home.  Sophie once again enjoyed promiseland.  When I picked her up, she was by herself on the “reading rug” reading through her books.

Jacob was working out in the basement earlier this week and the rest of us were playing.  As he was doing his push-ups, Cohen requested that he do his “back ups” instead. (Sit ups.)

Cohen and Jacob also watched the movie Airplane together last night. (Sophie and I fell asleep early.)  Cohen’s favorite scene was the crazy guy who “unplugged” everything when the plane was trying to land.  (Scene goes dark, and the you see Johnny say ‘just kidding!’ and plug everything back in.)  Jacob had to answer a barrage of questions during the film, most of which were simply “Why that guy doing that?” and “why that girl sick?”  and “who that guy?”– but also expanded to questions like “why that plane have a beard?”

Today we went to brunch cafe (with Sophie announcing “ancakes” & “bacon” every few moments from her carseat.)  When we were waiting for our food, Cohen correctly identified a “brachiasaurus” on the menu.  It’s funny how he can say that word with the ease of a veteran paleontologist but still struggles with his verb tenses (“I not do that!”)  We also drove past a school bus lot in Barrington and Cohen asked “Why those school buses not have noses?” (They were the kind with the flat fronts.)

We also “blasted out” of the driveway this morning.  Cohen wanted to countdown backwards, and when he got to “1” Jacob floored it.  When we got on the street, Cohen announced “I going to pretend the hill is outerspace.”

General cabin-fever activities have included puzzle competitions (which Sophie is ridiculously good at.  She goes “Ha Ha!” every time she finds the correct piece.)  Playing with a yellow balloon that Jacob has drawn on (Sophie yells: Boon! Boon!)  Watching monsters inc. and calling each other Mike Wincowski over and over again (Billy Crystal’s character)

See- all this stuff I probably would have forgotten by tomorrow, so I’m glad I wrote it down!



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3 Responses to february 2012

  1. anne vandemoortel says:

    I am so glad you wrote these things down. When these precious children have children of their own you will be even happier that you did this. I wish I had.


  2. Gary says:

    I am so glad you wrote it down to. You do it so well. Love Gary


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