Mothers Day

Today was so very, very special.

Sophie woke up around 6:15 and Jacob brought her into bed with me (we slept in, yay!)  Then Cohen and Jacob brought us cinnamon coffee cake in bed and we all ate some.  Sophie and I made some crumbs (we are the messy ones) and Jacob and Cohen were very neat.  After some persuading, Jacob got Cohen prepared to sing the song “they had practiced.”  Cohen got his guitar and jumped up and down on the bed.  Sophie, still groggy with sleep, sat next to him and passed over the sheets of paper with the lyrics written on them. (For example: Happy Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day! We love You!)– but then the song progressed and the lyrics said: “And if this song wasn’t enough, we bought you tickets to hear another one, on August 8th… Coldplay!)  I couldn’t believe it!!

Then we got ready for church.  Sophie wore her black and white checkered dress with watermelons and Cohen wore his new green polo shirt.  We took pictures in front of the trees in the backyard.  The message at church reminded that the best way to feel lucky and appreciated for being a mom is to simply remember that I get to be a mom.  We came home and under my insistence had a picnic in the back yard.  We got out our picnic basket that always sits on our top closet shelf and ate ham sandwiches and melon and salad on our gray young life blanket under the shade of the trees.  Then we went over to Rich’s (our neighbor’s) house to garden because we don’t have anywhere in our yard that gets enough sun to grow vegetables.  We started a little bit before Rich came out and we didn’t know what the heck we were doing.  Cohen dumped all the arugula seeds in a giant pile, the spinach packet of seeds ripped and spilled, and Sophie wouldn’t stop clattering Rich’s wind chimes; our half of the garden is marked by some broken sticks, Rich’s half looks pristine, complete with mulched pathways (we forgot about that part.)  We know a lot more for next year!  It was the most fun I’ve ever had gardening.

Then we came home and the entire family slept for over two hours.

We went back outside and planted impatiens in the flower boxes and Cohen watered everything with his new squirt gun from Aunt Patti.  We had dinner, took baths, and read books.  Sophie did puzzles and Cohen played cars while I updated the day’s pictures to facebook.

It was the absolute perfect day.

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