almost summer

Cohen has been cracking us up lately.  There are too many things to remember…

For example, during breakfast the other day, Jacob had made us toast and accidentally burnt some of it.  He took the burnt pieces for himself and gave me the good pieces. 

Cohen: Dada, why’s your toast like that?

Me: Dada loves me, so he gave me the good toast

Cohen: (looking at Jacob’s toast) Dada, mama not like you.  She gave you bad toast.

He was also so excited for us to have people over last weekend.  I made him try to take a nap before the barbecue we were having for college friends, but he just laid in his bed talking to himself and rearranging his giant caterpillar in different ways.  He would refer to this nap as his “crazy nap” for the rest of the day.  After he “woke up”, he put on his swimming trunks and frog rainboots to help Jacob outside.  He helped clean up the patio and water the flowers and burn the extra sticks that had fallen from the tree.  When our friends came over he held the door open for them and he would pretend to laugh whenever we laughed at anything.

Last night they were both really into hide and seek.  Cohen would make me count and he would drag Sophie around the entire house finding hiding spots.  Jacob said they looked like a couple in an old 1970s action movie when the guy rescues the girl and they’re frantically running away from something. 

 We also had the cooler still in the kitchen from the night before.  It was set up parallel next to Cohen and Sophie’s pretend kitchen and we made an “ice cream stand” out of it.  Cohen would say, “Come to my ice cream stand everybody! It’s outside!”  Then they found a giant bottle of margarita mix and made us “moothies” (smoothies).  It was funny watching Sophie wield the giant bottle on and off the cooler.  Cohen would charge us in pounds rather than dollars, we’re not quite sure why.



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