Colorado Vacation

We left at 4:30 am and I picked up Cohen out of his bed.  As I carried him to the car he said “I open my eyes now, but when I get in the car, I’ll close them.”  (He was very excited at the thought of driving while it was still dark and being able to sleep in the car.)  He didn’t fall asleep right away (they both had to have some doughnut holes first) and Jacob tried to explain that we were about to drive FOUR total trips to Gaga Anne’s house.  Cohen promptly counted “one, two, three, four” and asked “where’s colorado?” (we were still on Randall Road)

Sophie also began to say some of the one-liners she would repeat the entire vacation.  These lines included saying, “What is going O N?” in an exasperated voice.  During one leg of the drive when Chris was riding with us, she licked her foot and then said “Don’t eat the foot, Uncle!” and she would repeat this line as well throughout the week.  She also got a kick out of singing “Twinkle twinkle little stink” instead of “star.”

We had difficulty finding our house when we arrived in Colorado, and we were lost on a very steep, dirt road.  Everyone was very, very stressed and Cohen said out of no where “Don’t give up! We can find it!”  And guess what, WE DID!

Our first full day there Patti, Jacob, Chris, & Care ran a 10 k.  Cohen got to run across the finish line with Jacob.  Later that day we also took a family bike ride in this “cart” that behaved like a kite in a 40 mile an hour headwind.  Jacob had to peddle for the whole family because Sophie would only sit on my lap.  I think we could have walked faster, but it was really, really, funny to experience.

We went to the Denver children’s museum and SOphie and COhen played in the pretend grocery store for  hours.  Cohen was mopping the “pizza kitchen” with vigor and a lady even commented “Wow, that kid likes to mop.”  We got ice cream at the “little man ice cream” stand and Sophie was the talk of the entire place.   She ate her chocolate scoop all by herself and Jacob said we would need a hazmat team to clean her up.

The next day we drove trail ridge road in rocky mountain national park and cohen and sophie learned to request gummy worms as we went up and down the mountains to keep their ears from popping.  We took a four mile hike which Cohen and Sophie slept through (but Cohen woke up to throw snowballs with mountain snow!)

The next day Cohen and Jacob went horseback riding with Chris and Care and rode a giant clydesdale named Mickey who was a budweiser commercial reject because he had one foot with brown fur instead of white.  Jacob said it was like riding on top of a bus, but that mickey was an “angel.”   Cohen went on to say this was his favorite part of the trip.  Cohen, Jacob, and I also went on a canoe, but Jacob had to do most of the physical labor on that trip too, so we weren’t out for long (similar to the bike.)

The next day we went on the alluvial fan hike and Cohen got to climb boulders and walk through a mountain stream barefoot.  We read signs that advised us what to do if we saw a bear and one instruction actually was “fight back!”

Our final day we went on another hike that I pooped out on, but apparently Cohen lead everyone for a half a mile. Sophie once again fell asleep and Jacob carried her until his arms were numb, but it was worth it, because she takes really cute napping-while-hiking pictures.

Now it’s times to start planning our vacation for next year!


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  1. Paul says:

    On one of the hikes Cohen and Sophie took some time to walk on logs. I was holding Sophie with 2 hands as she stepped from one log to he next. As she stepped on the next log she said “wobbily” as the log shifted some. What not yet 2 year old says that and knows what it means?


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