I accidentally posted this on our old blog…

I am going to try to interview the kids every first day of school.  Here are Cohen’s answers to a series of “favorites” questions

4’s Pre School Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Gleeson (Interviewed September 4, 2012 age 3)

Favorite Toy: race cars and planes

Favorite Movie: Monsters Inc. & Ice Age, and Scooby Doo

TV Show: Diego, Wonderpets,

Favorite Food: Spaghetti,macaroni & cheese

Friends: Everyone and my family!

Color: White and Red and Blue

Activity: Chase

Cohen and Sophie have been playing more and more together, and Sophie is in turn getting very bossy.  I wish you could just hear her say “No, this way CoCo!” (She knows how to say Cohen just fine, but insists on calling him by his nickname). Cohen and I just laugh and call her a nut.  And when we pray at dinner, we give a series of “thank you’s” and for some reason Cohen always has to say “thank you for water guns” and Sophie always shouts excitedly after we are finished, “and thank you for Jesus and the baby!!”

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