Beautiful fall

Today was the first really chilly day of fall.  We walked to the homecoming parade in the morning after eating pUmpkin pancakes. At first Sophie was overwhelmed by all of her newfall attire, she looked like a giant pink marshmallow in her new vest and she tripped down the stairs in her new boots, but she was the cutest kid at the parade.  We got tons of candy thrown at us, and Sophie announced on the way home ” I like eating these smarties (pronounced sfarties) Cohen and I walked hand on hand as he ate a newly acquired pack of dots.  He said with authority, “I love these.  I am just going to eat one a day, and save them” then later he kissed my hand as we were walking ( well, he could have been wiping his nose, but I’ll interpret it as a kiss.)

Then we went to goebberts pumpkin patch. Sophie ran from animal to animal in the small zoo narrating her every move, “there’s the pigs, there’s a zebra, thebear is walking etc”. She was also very impressedTy the amount of pumpkins, announcing “looksat all these pumpkins” and spreading her arms open widE.  Cohen fell asleep in the car with a hot chocolatmustache.  It was a successful trip.

While Sophie and I  took naps, Cohen and Jacob sat around abonfire outside and ate our new kettle corn. When they came back in, Cohen said, “hey mama, dada I just were just sitting around the fire.” “what did you do?” I asked.  “we talked, a lot” he replied, with emphasis on the last word.  He said they talked about snow and how to keep warm when camping.  But when I looked out at them they were mostly just sitting together in silence looking up at the sky,

When asked what their favorite part of their days were at dinner, Sophie said “playing with papa, gaga, and gagaga” and Cohen said “talking and eating popcorn around the fire with dada”

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1 Response to Beautiful fall

  1. Gary says:

    It is the little unintended things that speak so

    much of who we are and will become. Thank you


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