Sophisms and cohen’s logic

A few days ago Sophie and I were dancing and the song switched from a loud, bass-heavy tune to something more quiet and acoustic.  Sophie stopped dancing, frowned slightly, and said “I want a big song.”   Apparently “big songs” are the best songs to dance to.

When we were driving to meet Jacob for dinner in Barrington, we took a curvy back-road through Algonquin that was lined with trees.  Sophie explaimed from the back seat, “Wow! This is a fancy road!”

And another from Cohen:  The other night we were watching Wheel of Fortune.  Cohen was excited because he thought he had found a “kids show” that was on at night (he usually thinks all kids tv stops after Wild Kratts which concludes at 5:30.)  I was attemping to solve a puzzle, so I sounded out the word several times and vocalized some guesses.  Cohen responded matter-of-factly: “She [Vana] can’t hear you mama.”

This morning Cohen also developed an extremely-intricate game of pretend post office.  He put baskets outside each of our bedroom doors and delivered mail and packages.  He also had several different “stamping stations” where the mail had to be “processed” before it was sent.  This was all under his own initiative.  Meanwhile, while Jacob and I are kind of in awe of this new game, we see Sophie out of the corner of our eyes back in our bedroom.  She has placed a large basket over her head and is saying “you can’t find me now!”  Then she whips it off her head and says “TA-DA!”

As I speak she is dancing to more “big songs”– she plants her feets in the ground and waves her arms and bounces.  And then she sticks her hands in her armpits and bounces some more.

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