About five minutes after describing what bobbing for apples was ( because Cohen was randomly trying to pick up an apple off his plate with his mouth) Cohen asked Sophie, ” hey Sophie, you ever go bombing apples?”

Earlier in the day, Cohen must have been thinking about our upcoming trip to “samta’s workshop” that we signed up for through the park district. ( an event where we will get on the metra train andtried a few stops up to palatine/ the north pole). Cohen said: mama, I want to bring my tools to santa’s workshop so I can help tHe slaves”

And then latthat hat night (his brain was really tickin today) I realized Cohen had been in his room a while with the door shut after I had asked him to change into his pajamas.  I opened his door and found him still fully clothed staring at the map we drew of our neighborhood a few months ago.  ” I gotta find Lloyd (street)” he muttered to himself. I helped him find it and he critiqued my handwriting and said, “mama, those two Ls look like a lowercase u.”. I am so proud he is learning how to read! It is a very cool thing to watch!

Tonight we carved pumpkins and Sophie kep saying, “my pumpkin is great” and wanting to drum on it like a drum to the Halloween muplaying pad playing.

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