January home stretch

Here are a few little things I don’t want to forget.  COhen recently “visited” china in his preschool.  We were grilling him with questions, and he and Jacob began talking about pandas. Jacob asked Cohen “did you learn about panda preservations?” and Cohen looked confused and said “what’s a preservation?” and Jacob began explaining, “preservations , uh, you know, they are these giant pieces of land where lots of pandas live” and Cohen said oh, you mean a rain forest”. He also has been amazing us (especially Jacob, who still has trouble with his times tables) with his math skills.  He can add and subtract small numbers, especially when given the scenario of a hockey game.  This same kid who adds and subtracts and knows about rainforests also insisted on wearing two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear the other day too.


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1 Response to January home stretch

  1. Gary says:

    I am glad he did not inherit Jacobs math skills. The rest makes sense to me.


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