Waiting for ellie

Here are some things we have done as we wait for Ellie.

Last night we had fun eating in the living room as we watched the actors and actresses on the red carpet.  Cohen and Sophie ateat their little toystory  table, and Sophie must have eatenhalf a container of hummus. 

This morning we have played “brunch cafe bus boy” a game Cohen invented where he serves us food at the aforementioned little tableand then clanks all of the pretend dishes into a cart he has rigged with a toy bin,  then he furiously scrubs the table with a rag made out of crumpled paper. After pretend brunch cafe, we played dinosaurs and then played soccer.  (by that point in themorning I was laying on my side on slhie’s bottom bunk and half-heArtedly kicking the ball, but they were still having fun.

A few other recent highlights: Cohen calling 911 a couple weeks ago from my mom’s and having the police come, and all of Sophie’s new strategies for trying to stay up late.  A couple nights ago, she actually said she had poopies and needed her dTo be changed, which was all a complete fabricatIon. 

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