Funny Minds

Here are a few funnies:

Cohen looking at pictures of the currently dried up Niagara Falls with Jacob:He says: “Maybe the beavers did it.”


The mailman arrived in the morning, several hours earlier than normal the other day.  Cohen’s response “Maybe he has a new baby too.”


Sophie lets out a giant sneeze at dinner. “Owww.” she says, “My butt hurts.”


Cohen and Sophie are arguing at the table.  Jacob yells at them and says, “You guys are gonna have to come in here and help me if you keep arguing.” Sophie’s response: “You’re being mighty fickle, dada.”


Cohen is pretending to be a dinosaur in the kitchen.  Jacob asks: “What dinosaur are you?” and Cohen replies “A stygimoloch”   Jacob asks, “What kind of dinosaur would Sophie be?” and Cohen replies quickly, “A Mess-a-saurus”


Ellie is an expressive baby with bigger eyes than Cohen or Sophie.  She has begun to smile when we talk to her, especially when Jacob talks to her in a high pitched, womanly voice for some reason.

Ta Ta For Now!

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