This week we began/begin our new fall routine in our new house.  Cohen has been asking about the start of pre-school for the past two weeks.  He would often count down the days in his head.  On the first day I dropped him off, as he was getting out of his car seat he said “I just love school.”  On the second day of school he brought homework.  (To write his name 5 times)  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.  He proudly tells everyone he sees: “Pre-K has homework.”  He loves to erase his letters/shapes until he gets them perfect. (Thank goodness for pencils, or he would be frustrated!)  Last night he read a book (Bubbles/Bubbles) and we are going to try to read one book a night.

Sophie started pre-school this week as well.  She was excited to play with the dollies.  When I asked her about her first day, she said she sang a song about “We love pre-school and we love kids”.  She said she also read a book about pre-school, and that she read books on her own and played with dollies too.  She started dance class today as well.  She kept calling her ballet shoes her “tap dancing shoes”.  When the teacher came out to get her she ran right back to the studio with her.  The teacher said she did great.

The kids are loving our new house.  Cohen loves to swim with his water wings and Sophie loves to throw beach balls at people in the pool.  She prefers people holding her to using water wings.  Ellie loves to sit in her bumbo and watch everyone swim.  Papa Gary found a playhouse that a neighbor was getting rid of and he and Jacob set it up on our patio.  It has quickly become a place where Sophie sells “popsicles and smoothies” and Cohen sells pizzas with all sorts of toppings from “Rosati’s” (The windows on the house look like drive-thru windows.)  They also love to re-arrange the pillows on our new couch to create a den.  Sophie calls it the “dent” (I think a mix between den and tent.)

I’m pretty sure Ellie smiles more than Cohen or Soph ever did.  She is six months and eats cereal, fruit, and veggies three times a day.  She is 16 pounds (45th percentile) and in the 20-something percentile for height and 89% for head circumference.   She can sit up totally by herself.  I try to kiss her cheeks at least 50 times a day.

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