A response to the pinterest daily cleaning schedule:

I don’t have a “How to keep your home organized and clean” schedule.  I have a “how to keep the rats at bay and people safe from tripping” schedule. [Inspired by ACTUAL events and ACTUAL goals]

Monday—what I think I should do: Clean bathrooms (Lysol counters, scrub tubs and toilets, wash floors] What I actually do: “What??? There is pee in a garbage can??? Cohen, you peed in the garbage can?  Why would you do that????” (Clean pee out of garbage can)

Tuesday—what I think I should do: Dust walls, shelves, and windex windows.  What I actually do: “What?? Who colored on the pantry walls? Sophie, did you use marker on the wall?” (Clean pantry walls… no wait, still haven’t done that.)

Wednesday—what I think I should do: Deep clean kitchen (scrub grease off of stove, get the fingerprints off the fridge, mop the floor.) What I actually do:  “What?? How did this smashed raspberry get here?  Is that red popsicle on the floor?  We’ve been out of popsicles for four days!” (Spot clean the raspberry and popsicle stains)

Thursday—what I think I should do: Laundry (strip sheets, collect, clean, sort, and redistribute all clothes and linens. Oh- and iron.) What I actually do: Overpack the machine with multiple colors of clothing. Run the dryer three time hoping to get wrinkles out of nicer clothes. And forget about the sheets.

Friday—what I think I should do: Go grocery shopping.  What I actually do: Make a list and go out for pizza.

The Weekend—what I think I should do: DIY projects. What I actually do: nothing.

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