The Holidays 2013

* I loved driving Jacob’s truck to the quad cities.  (We had to take the truck instead of the van because we were picking up a giant hutch.)  The kids were crammed in the back like sardines.  Coats were off within minutes and the windows would fog up within seconds of turning off the defroster.  

*Cohen and Sophie are obsessed with Christmas songs. We listen to the radio in the car and pandora at home.  They both ask the name of songs frequently.  The are put to bed with Christmas carols.  During one particularly long bedtime session, after going back to Cohen’s room for the third time, he requested that I sing him jingle bells. I was frustrated with the extremely long bed time process until I heard him quietly humming the carol along with me.

*Nearly every day during breakfast and lunch they request to look at their pre-school calendars.  “What are we learning about today, Mama?”  And then when they get back in the car after school (usually Sophie) tells me excitedly, “Today I learned about candy canes!” or “Today I learned about christmas trees or caroling or angels.”  (Well, usually Sophie goes: “Mama, mama, you tell me what I learned about today” which actually means “Ask me what I learned about today.”)  And then “Mama, you tell me what I had for snack today.” Me: “Sophie, what did you have for snack today” Sophie: “Animals crackers and juice.” Sophie: “Mama, you tell me who was there today.” Me: “Sophie, was everyone at school today?” Sophie: “No, Weston was missing. (or) Mallory was missing.” etc.

We set up Christmas things in our new house for the first time.  The fireplace and candlelight are special.

When we were baking Christmas cookies, Cohen kept getting reprimanded for continually touching and spilling food coloring.  I warned him “Cohen, if you touch that food coloring again, there will be a consequence.” And he replied in a whining voice, “Mama, could you please just put it away?”

Sophie broke cute records in her dance recital.  My favorite experience with the recital however was actually the first dress rehearsal.  We had to go to the studio in her outfit around dinner time (usually the point in the day when the kids start to melt down a bit.)  At first she did not want to put on her leotard, but she eventually did.  I got to watch her have so much fun as she danced around the studio, marching with her high marches and jumping and chasing “Frosty” (Her dance teacher dressed up as a snowman.)  When the teacher asked if they could practice the song a second time, Sophie jumped up and down excitedly and said yes. As I was putting her in her car seat afterward in the bitterly cold December air, she told me confidently, “Thanks Mom.” (Not mama, but mom, also a new development this December.)  I said “Thank YOU Sophie,” as my eyes began to water.  She asked me if I could play Frosty on the radio.  I don’t have it on my Ipad, but during the one-minute drive home, they played it on the radio.

Anne, Gary, and Katie were in town this weekend and Cohen desperately wanted to go caroling.  After leading us in some spontaneous carols around the Christmas table, he begged to go sing for the neighbors.  So the bigs kids went out with papa, and gaga, and TT and caroled for several neighbors and a dog.  Someone shoved them a wad of dollar bills! Lunch money!

We’ve had a few Christmas movie nights.  Cohen belly laughed at Elf and managed to stay awake through white Christmas.  After Cohen watched Rudolph I asked him if any parts were scary. (Last year he was afraid of the bumble.)  He said no parts were scary but one part was sad.  I asked him “What was sad?” and he said, “La, la” which is code for a word that starts with “R” (He does this when he’s kind of embarrassed to say something and wants me to say it first.) I said, “Did someone get lost?” And he shook his head no.  And he repeated his “la” and eventually I guessed “Laughed”.  “When the other reindeer laughed at rudolph?” And he nodded yes.  I almost took that opportunity to talk to him about bullying and defending people and standing up for the least of these (at least this time.  I would have screwed up a message he already understood.)  After a few seconds, I decided to keep my mouth shout.  His heart is so big, he already gets it.

We played in a giant snow pile in the culdesac and put Ellie on top of it and called her the snow queen.

More holiday updates soon!!


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