Christmas 2013

2 traditions I’d like to remember to continue for next year:

-“The Mini-van Express”.  We made the kids think they were going to bed early.  While I read them books, Jacob put a “ticket” in an envelope with the cookies.  When Cohen found the envelope on his pillow he started giggling.  We carried the kids (in their pjs wrapped in blankets) out to the car and drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

-Reading the christmas story on the night before Christmas eve and then exchanging our own family presents after dinner.

The actual event of Christmas is always a whirlwind.  But here are the images when time slowed down a bit:

-When we said grace before dinner at Joe and Melissa’s.  Cohen with his bowed head and folded hands

-My family sitting around the table in my mom’s kitchen eating a delicious Christmas brunch.

-Sophie falling asleep at the Christmas day party and then later waking up to play “rock em sock em robots” with Jordan and Chris near the glow of the Christmas tree.

And one more thing:  I think it’s cute how Sophie continually requested to “wrap” presents instead of “unwrap” them this year.

Now here’s to three more weeks of some intense playing before I have to get ready to go back to work!

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