Playing with our new toys

Oh how I wish my words could adequately capture Cohen with Sophie’s new pink, hello-kitty microphone.  Much of the past few days has been Cohen standing in the basement, directing people. Directing people to different “centers” he has created.  Centers include”scooters” (when he and Sophie ride their new small scooters back and forth)  This center is quote “Not for grownups” There is the “baseball center” and the lego center, and the tools center, and the tent center, and the dart center.  He stands in the middle of the basement with the microphone while Jacob, Sophie, and I stand against the wall.  He very slowly describes what to do at each center.  Then he tries to remember everything he has just described because he then needs to number every center.  Whenever he cannot recall the word he is looking for, he kind of tilts his head and shakes his hands as if his grasping at the air will somehow grasp the words he desires. “Do not go until I say go” he concludes after about 5-10 minutes of continuous directions, “And when I say go, you should go.”  

In addition to playing with the new hello kitty mic, Cohen has built helicopters, cement trucks, and race cars at our newly deemed “lego table”.  I would like to remember him sitting underneath the glow of the two bright desk lamps, one of his legs dangling off of the chairs, his outstretched tongue indicative of his intense focus. We have done countless “brainquest” questions.  We have pretended to be ninja turtles, power rangers, and the hulk. We read about superheroes by the glow of a new twisty light that hangs from the top of his bunk bed.

Sophie’s favorite new toys have been her Doc McStuffins and Olivia characters.  She is quite good at playing pretend with all of her “figures”.  She is content with sitting in front of her doll house for long stretches of time.  Their favorite new books from Christmas are the “elephant and piggy” series by Mo Willems.  I want to remember their laughs and smiles as we read.  We have learned countless new card games.  Sophie has become a pro at “Go Fish”.  We’ve played rummy, and crazy 8s.  She has begun to like puzzles as well, finishing her new Doc McStuffins puzzle three times already.

Ellie watches her brother and sister and smiles her squinty smile.  She crawls slowly from place to place, dumping out and licking bins of cards and crayons and puzzle pieces.  She tries new foods daily and loves scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and squash, and a number of other things her siblings are sure to stay away from.

Last night we celebrated New Years with friends.  One of the dads found a youtube clip of the ball dropping. We watched the 2013 countdown from last year at 10 o’clock.  Cohen was so excited to countdown and even a little bit nervous that he would miss the ball dropping.  I think this is the last year we’ll be able to pull off an ‘early new years with him.

It snowed A LOT today and Cohen and Sophie made sure to play on the giant hill the snow plow makes in the culdesac. Only a few more days until we are back in the school routine. Happy New Year!!

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