Heaviness in Holiness

There is heaviness that comes with heeding the sacred.

There are so many things about God that mess with me.  When I truly stop to embrace the character of God that Jesus depicts, there would be no choice but for my spirit to be ravished, my mind to be captivated, and my behavior to be radically new.   But how do I actually exist under the weight of all that love?  

For instance: Jesus, a man who repeatedly claimed to be the Son of God, (the Son of God!) says that “in the same way [a shepherd rejoices over his lost sheep] your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.”  Jesus tells me that one of God’s fundamental attributes is radical inclusivity.  The God who created me seeks after me.  His will is to find me.  There is no place I can be lost, because God’s essence is to seek, to find,  and to forgive.

If I really were to live under the weight of this sacred truth, I would inevitably become a new creation.  To think that I should never be lost!  To think that I am being sought by a God who wants me to join with him in a conspiracy of love!  Jesus said God seeks after me the way a Father seeks after his son.  It is impossible to really believe this truth and not become altogether Other.  

But I so very, very rarely stop to immerse myself in the character of God. Maybe because I haven’t quite figured out how that truth can be tangibly expressed in my daily existence. But for a minute, today, I want to be burdened by holiness. I am going to stop, be silent, and live in this truth:  I am sought after, God’s will is for me to be found, and I therefore have never ever been truly lost.

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