Time slips, slips, slips through my fingers– Ellie is one!  

Luckily she is still short, small, and toothless, and looks virtually the same as she did at four months.  Her eyes are a cool gray–almost blue; her hair is still quite short and plasters itself to her skull at all times except after baths.  She has a few curls at the nape of her neck and her feet are almost always bare because of her extreme dislike of socks.  She shakes her head “no” whenever she hears the word, she waves whenever someone new walks in or out of a room or she catches herself in a mirror, and she prefers meat over every other food group.  She sways to nearly any song, sings “Fun” with me, and babbles mama and dada as she crawls from room to room.  She just started pulling herself up onto things but is still wary of cruising along them.  She still needs us to rock her before bed and she falls asleep quite easily in our arms. She prefers me over pretty much everyone else and I have a hard time letting go of her because of it.

She is Elise Joy and she’s made a room in my heart.  And she’s still my baby.

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