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Fear to Love

Today I learned about how every experience- every person we encounter, every challenge we overcome or ignore—in other words, all the actual stuff of day-to-day existence—can elicit one of two responses: fear or love.  (See the rest of Steve Carter’s … Continue reading

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Something real?

The main character in the novel Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag, experiences a journey from ignorance to enlightenment.  Montag leaves the cave of disillusionment and false reality and proceeds to enter a grander Reality, or actual Truth.  In order to escape … Continue reading

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A Child’s Effort

When I was younger, I used to play “little house on the prairie” in the clubhouse in my backyard.  We would pick mulberries from the bushes and scrape dry grass from the lawn and toss this “food” together in bowls … Continue reading

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The Invisible in the Visible

In the book of Romans, Paul tells us that “God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen.” Another translation tells us “the basic reality of God is plain enough,” we must simply open our eyes to see it. But how do we see the … Continue reading

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