The Same Team

Sometimes I forget that we are all on the same team.

I send the people I love out into the world, worrying, fretting, assuming they’ll be stomped on, pushed aside, teased, tortured.  I send myself out into that same world, imagining I’m a lone ambassador in enemy territory, placing the weight of Truth and Love on my shoulders alone, assuming I’m alone in my attempts of authenticity and audacity.

I forget there are people on my team.  I recently realized that I’m surrounded by people on my team, people who want Love to reign, who desire to live with compassion, humility—who are seeking Truth in the best ways they know how.  People who value integrity…. I remembered I am not Love’s only ambassador.

I’m surrounded by people like Jacob’s grandpa.  A man who at 93 years, speaks light.  Speaks light—what am I saying?  But do you know what I mean?  There are people who speak light, who breathe light, who make you feel right and whole by listening to them.  They remind you of your littleness, and thereby remind you of your greatness.  Their humility reminds you of your own finitude and this recognition of finitude is precisely the thing that connects you to the infinite.

Stop speaking in abstractions.

They are men who in the midst of the pain and fatigue of failing kidneys and heart beats still crack witty jokes about past presidents and lambast you for loving the Bears.  Men who refuse to say woe is me because their very existence reminds us that “woe is me” is the anthem of the Lost, and “thank you” is the anthem of the Found.

The people who you love are on your team.

But it’s better than that.

People I hardly know are on my team, too.  People like coaches and teachers– people who will instruct my kids about honesty and playing fair.  People who refuse to condemn and continually uplift.  People like my students–  young people who play by the rules of kindness, who live respect and tolerance and inclusivity.

We are not alone in our quest for Love.  We all want the same thing—or at the very least—we will one day all want the same thing.  The lethargic cashier who holds up the line at Wal-mart, the estranged cousin with an erratic temper, the teacher who gave your son an F, the neighbor who fires up her lawnmower at 8 am on a Saturday morning.

In the end, we all want Love to win.  Even our enemies want this–but like us, they forget that they are on Love’s side.  They forget that we’re not competitors, but companions.

You are not alone.

Everyone you see tomorrow, remember they want Love to win, too.  They want what’s right, just like you do. It’s harder for some of us than others to express this desire—sometimes it lies hidden, buried by rejection, by dogma, by pride.

Symbols and metaphors are the only words that work here.

You are not the only light in the cosmos.  You are part of a much bigger Light that can win, is winning, and in many ways, has already won.

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3 Responses to The Same Team

  1. Gary says:

    Well done Elizabeth


  2. Jean Masukevich says:

    Hi Liz,

    I love your voice!
    It is light ☀️
    Thankful to have met you and found the gift of your writing.


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