snapshots of July 2019- mostly for family

Cohen’s latest loves include hashing and rehashing the most over and  underrated players in the MLB.  He talks with Jacob in a language I understand only slightly more than Star Wars.  He loves to imitate the champs in Ninja Warrior- and I spied him doing their signature moves as he made his way off the high dive the other afternoon at the pool. (He wasn’t with anyone else he knew at the moment- so the moves were just for him.)  He can’t go to bed without reading his Snoopy or Big Nate comics, and if his friends are over, he’s making them play wiffle ball.  Jacob introduced him to Weird Al Yankovich and we lost him to the computer for over two hours.

Sophie is able to capture all the cute things the babies do and tell me the stories of everything I miss or don’t hear because sometimes it feels like there is everything going on all of the time (and other times like nothing– which is strange.)  “Mama, mama,” she says as I unload the dishwasher and wipe down the table, “Guess what Everett just said.  Guess what Mae just did.” (Well- usually flip those two subjects)  She’s constantly drawing and starting stories.  She recently just started one entitled “Teddy: My Life with the World’s Greatest Pup” and left a blank square where she wrote “Place picture here.”  She’s taking a creative writing class where she doesn’t know anyone else– and she said she loves it but she “can’t wait to write long stories.”  Her two favorite questions are: Who is your favorite Disney princess? and Who is you favorite character on the Who Was Show?    It think I have answered these questions approximately 42 times but that doesn’t stop her from asking them. She also made a map of Cary (after coloring several collages about different cities in a coloring book she and Cohen constantly fight over)– and she made sure to include the Drive Thru Burger King after Cohen suggested it.  She still hates tying her shoes and still love reading books.

Ellie shifts between playing with the big kids and the little kids.  Her latest summer loves are playing Uno (sometimes regular, sometimes Uno Attack), and War— usually with Everett.  Everett’s common lines during this experience are “I gonna win!” or “Ooooooo-no”   She loves to swim (favorites in the pool are jumping competitions and hand stand competitions).  She is also obsessed with doing head stands that always make me worried.  She dances some weird tribal dance called “Umba-lay-ahh” and we’re not quite sure why- but it’s funny.  The other night at dinner I caught the utter captivation in her eyes as Cohen and Sophie argued over something.  She hangs on their every word.  She looks more grown up than she ever has before.  She wants to explain and say so much more than she can- which often makes her sound crazy or like a sage.  This morning it was “Mama- I know how to see everything.”  Sage would have stopped there- but then she started describing pulling her shirt over her face and then taking her picture in front of a mirror and I lost the storyline.

One of Everett’s most common lines is “I getting bigger now.”  Right now he and Cohen are running from the black book shelf in my room to the bed. (Well- Cohen was- and then Everett said: “I do it toooo”  He loves to play Uno and War as much or even more than Ellie- and he was the only one along with Cohen who didn’t wind up crying after a nerf war that the big kids prepped for for over 45 minutes. (All three girls were crying within one minute of starting.)  He wrestles with Cohen and serves himself ice cream and speaks in this slow falsetto voice that makes my heart melt.

Mae loves being “beautiful” (donning necklaces and eye shadow all across her forehead) and wearing ANYthing and pretending it’s a cape while singing to Frozen.  Capes have included actual costumes, towels, and long blankets.  When she talks she TALKS and makes my heart smile because every word she says defines HISTRIONIC.  She and Everett play “chase” and “baby” and they both love following the big kids around whenever they have friends over. (And strangely enough, the big kids like it too.)  She unwraps at least four bandaids a day to cover her invisible “squito bite” she got two weeks ago.

A few days ago at story time at the library I took a seat in the back because nobody needs to sit in my lap any more.  I watched a mom with her 6 month old- I caught her holding him close for a long time- her eyes closed, her breath slow, her nose just touching the back of his head.  She knew where she was and wasn’t anywhere else. She didn’t know I was watching, and I could still cry at the beauty of it.



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    Oh Liz i was riht there enjoyin every minute ,thank you I read this awhile back.but did not comment


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