SOPHIE’S GUEST WRITE (with permission)

Mommy has been making us a summer schedule. Theres a activity for every day. She changes it every Sunday night. All the activity should be recorded. Written down. I guess thst works for me because I want to be a writer when I grow up. So I wrote this. I hope uh…. whoever reading this will like it. Here are some activities I recall from the Summer in Qaurantine.

Family Pictionary: Cohen was mostly grumpy during this activity. Most of us had fun, while Cohen sat stiffly playing with Star wars toys. At least he went up when he was called. The girls one the came even though a drew the most weird mouse ( I’m only good at drawing people ) Then Everett and Mae (4 now) actually did pretty well. Mae drew a pretty good pizza slice, and Everett made a pretty good tree. (though everyone mistook it as a bush.)

Chopped: This activity is based off the popular cooking channel show “Chopped”. They covered up mystery bucket of food and saw who made the best dish. The food in each bucket was all the same. the spilt into three rounds. Appetizers, lunch, and dessert. Mommy and Daddy were the judges. no one actually got chopped. For lunch me and Ellie both made chicken meals.Cohen made a monzerella stick! For dessert Cohen made a type of chocolate shake that he named Akidna, after the anteater-like animal I once read about. I made a ice cream pile up with homeade gram cracker crust. Mae and Everett kinda just ate chicken Nuggets and Kiwi, and Sprinkled sprinkles everywhere.

Remote Field Day: since Qaurantine, we have been having Remote learning, as well as a Remote Field Day, with planned games our Gym teacher sent out. We did a game where the outside wall is a a backboard against the ball (a sock) and and a cooler as a hoop. we did others, to. in a game (cloths relay) we told Mommy she looked just like “Delivery Debbie”, a character from a show called “Odd Squad”. Daddy searched a photo online and she DID look just like her.

Paint BirdHouses: We laid out a chunk of cardboard and put plates with different color paints on them. Ellie painted a side of her roof with flowers so it would attract birds. I painted my roof dark blue and the sides cheery pink. I spalttered my paint on the inside and on the inside bottom I painted rainbow and wrote WRITER in black on it. Later we found out that Everetts BirdHouse was half way eaten by a woodpecker. It was fine. the birdhouses turned out great ( even Everetts).

Slip’n Slide: we all spent a lot of time on the Slip’n slide. Cohen took a break to mow a neighbors lawn, and I got out to jump in the pool because it was H-O-T. Adding more water made it slipperier, and Cohen found a way to press down at the edges of the Slip’n Slide making the water shoot higher and farther, getting it more slippery. We played a game where two people sit on the wet puffy edge of the Slip’n Slide while a third person tried to jiggle them until one fell off (not getting hurt). the lone ranger would win.

Memorial Day Barbeque: We finally decided to open the doors and have are cousins, and GrandParents over for a pool party. We also had a birthday for my Great-Aunt and had a pool party for that, to. We swam in the pool and Played in are new treehouse.

Popcorn Movie Night: For popcorn movie night we drank sprite and ate ice cream and watched on of my favorite movies, Sandlot. my favorite part is when they get chased by “the beast”. I hope i just didn’t give away to much for people who haven’t seen ‘SandLot”.

Make Paper Bag Puppets: This activity turned out to be more “make crafts” Then “make paper bag puppets.” Me and Everett both used paper bags. I turned my bag into a parrot because I saw feathers of all colors and thought I had a chance to use them. I searched a picture of a parrot and copied it as realistically as I could. Everett, on the other hand, painted his black and stuck a googly eye at the top. he claimed it was a “Monster with a million legs and a million tummies”. I guess a could see that becuse he glued a ton of popsicle sticks. Cohen painted a canvas of what looked all green at the time but turned out on fathers day to say #1 Dad on it, and Ellie painted a tree that she had learned how to make in her art class. Me and her both blow dried ares to have them dry.

Capture the Flag: the girls one most of the games except for one. We spilt into sides (Girls Backyard, boys front) and named mommy the the guard. me and Ellie snuck up on the other team. we used old leis’ as the flags’. It started raining half-way through, but we did it! we watched a movie, afterward, too.

Outside eating: We ate outside lots of nights, mostly after we swam in the pool. Two nights we ate from resraunts. The resraunts were Village Squire, and Brunch Cafe’.

Fondue Night: while Mommy and Daddy prepared are fondue, we were watching “The Hunger Games”(well, The Hunger Games was probably too scary for Everett and Mae. Instead they watched ‘Topsy and Tim” “Paw Patrol” and “Blaze and the Monster Machines”) . We had just finished reading the book (Hunger Games) and I really liked it. Then they called us in for Fondue. The dips ( plain cheese, then also cheese and artichoke) where in the center of the table, in heart- shaped bowls with eletric candles, too heat them up. after watching more “Hunger Games” Mommy and Daddy called us in for dessert fondue, which was dipped in chocolate this time. I ate more then I did at dinner ( mostly because the Angel Food Cake was soooooo good.)

Croquet: I didn’t have much to do with this. I thought Croquet would be a boring sport, like golf (basketballs my sport). I forget even who one. What I do remember his when we waited for are turns we sat on the hammock sing Ten Little Monkies jumping on the bed, and rolling off the hammock acting it out.

Kick the Can: Playing with a old Lysol container Ellie later used as a present to our Grandpa on fathers day.

Nerf Fight: This was todays activity. The kids one. Most of the kids just hung around, but I snuck downstairs. Cohen occasionally went downstairs to get more boxes for the fort. We had a dart bin with darts in it (duh), an dEllie gaurded them. i wanted to use the kiddie crossbow but I forget my code (the crossbow requires a code to make it shoot.) Still it was really fun.

Nature Preserves: We have gone to lots of different Nature Preserves this Summer. The first, I didn’t like that much it wasn’t Naturey enough. To many power cords. I cheered up when Mommy said I could make a homeade bookmark out of the flowers from nature preserves and start a collection.We accidentely took the horse backriding trail, which was really long, so we needed to turn around. At the second nature preserve we stopped at Country Donuts before we went. When we got there I climbed a tree 1000 feet in the air ( It really was super high!). At the third there was oddley shaped rocks that we could leap across like ninjas. It had a spillway toward the end and we got to wade in the side that was not “spilling”. They had so many paths it was hard for me to choose just one. I really liked it. The fourth was one where we we were supposed to go to the pond but we kept turning the other dirrection. When we got to the pond it had rained so much from the night before the bridge had sank. So we needed to turn BACK and take the longer path. It was really fun though.


Paint Birdhouses; We laid out a chunk of cardboard on the ground and set out plates with different colors. Ellie painted flowers on one side of her roof, to attract the birds. I painted a

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1 Response to SOPHIE’S GUEST WRITE (with permission)

  1. vandemom2 says:

    Sophie, It was so fun to read about your quarantine summer! Your words made me feel like I was a part of your fun times. Thank you for “guest writing”, please do it again some time. You covered so many topics. I think Mama’s summer schedule has proven to be quite successful. Fondue sounds yummy. Your favorite scene in “Sandlot” was very nervouswracking to me and to Aunt TT! I liked when Squints got the boys banned from the pool by tricking WEndy Peffercorn. Your nature hikes sound like fun adventures. This is excellent reporting of your quarantine events.


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